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e’Freshia Bell is a Criminal/Family Law attorney representing people of the Greater Houston area and surrounding counties, including Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Galveston, Brazoria, and Jefferson County that you can trust and place your confidence in. She is a proud alumnus of Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law.

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e recognize that many individuals that seek our representation are experiencing one of the most difficult times in their life. It is important to us to not only provide aggressive and ethical representation but to also provide great customer service. We are truly thankful for all of our clients who instill their trust in us, and will do everything we can to attend to your needs every step of the way.

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Ms. Bell is kind, patient, knowledgeable and thorough.

Ms. Bell is kind, patient, knowledgeable and thorough. Although I filed my divorce prose, I never felt like I was on my own. She was there to guide me every step of the way by answering all of my questions and she never made me feel like I was a bother to her by asking. She suggested hypothetical situations for me to consider so I would be sure to make the best choices for the future, not just right now. She even calmed my anxiety before it could form by calling to check on my mental and emotional state during the process which was helpful because the road to divorce is an emotional roller-coaster. I could not ask for a better attorney for legal advice through this process. I would recommend Ms. Bell to anyone looking to have a smooth, stress free process in a legal proceeding.

Leah Tezeno

Je’Freshia came highly recommended

Je’Freshia came highly recommended from several lawyer friends of mine. I don't normally have brushes with the law, but after a domestic dispute spiraled, I needed someone to fight for me. Thankfully, I had the right person in my corner. There's no better feeling than getting a case dismissed that had the potential to have long term adverse effects. Well worth the reasonable fees. Now I have another number on speed dial other than my wife.

Joshua Adams

I would highly recommend Je’Freshia

For fathers that are very involved in their kids lives and have to deal with the nightmare of divorce I would highly recommend Je’Freshia. She is a strong and true advocate for fathers in the courtroom and has an assassins' vibe where opposing counsel has no idea what's coming. Je’Freshia enabled me to win primary possession of my kids in a very long divorce case that lasted 17 months!? Je’Freshia was very open minded, patient, professional, and prepared me well for the trial, expected tough cross examination from opposing counsel, and were open to my ideas for the trial as well to ensure I got what I wanted.

Jonathan A.

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